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Who Sells Bulletproof Home Defense The Cheapest

who sells bulletproof home defense the cheapest

who sells bulletproof home defense the cheapest

Who sells bulletproof home defense the cheapest. About Bulletproof Home Defense

Founded by Steve Walker, a self-proclaimed 22-year Army veteran, Bulletproof Home Defense is a series of home defense techniques which can be designed to keep you and your household safe at times of riots, which are accessible by complete beginners and seasoned preppers alike. The creator of Bulletproof Home Defense claims he pointed out that the most common “prepping” techniques, like building perimeter walls and storing food with your basement, were completely useless after witnessing firsthand the devastation caused by the Arab Spring in Egypt during 2011. In fact, he watched “Amir”-a friend who used all of the fliers and business cards to create his home was safe and secure-being murdered by a hungry mob only days in the revolution.

You will find minimal online reviews for Bulletproof Home Defense, and people who can be purchased seem to contain mixed opinions in regards to the usefulness from the information. There’s no company information listed for Bulletproof Home Defense, and then we could not confirm an improved Business Bureau rating. It’s also interesting to remember that after you click for the FAQ link at the end with the company’s homepage, you’re simply redirected time for the homepage. To put it differently, there is no FAQ to respond to inquiries you may have.

*Note: If you’d rather not sit through the full Bulletproof Home Defense introductory video, minus the power to pause, fast-forward, or rewind, simply press your browser’s “Back” button. This may prompt one to either stick to the actual page or leave. Simply press on ‘Stay’ and you then is going to be redirected with a text version of your website rather than a video.
What’s Included in the Bulletproof Home Defense Package?

The website for Bulletproof Home Defense includes several samples of what you’ll find after downloading, such as the effective utilization of ammunition, utilizing situational awareness in your favor, how you can fool people into thinking you’re out of food, and in many cases how you can convince your spouse to start prepping your house.

The Bulletproof Home Defense website claims that you’ll receive four special reports with your order, including:

Crash Proof: The best way to Survive a financial Collapse: Includes tips and techniques from individuals that have survived economic collapses in Russia, Mexico, and Argentina.
Doctor in the Box: Includes here is how to stockpile antibiotics, and protect yourself from common infections like cholera and dysentery.
Boomer’s Help guide to Prepping: Directed at individuals over 60, this informative guide says he will show how your age is usually an advantage during societal collapse.
Unlimited Power: 5 Cheap or Free Powers for any Crisis: This report says he will present you with information about how to use alternative power sources and also hardwearing . food stockpile, also to make you stay and your loved ones comfortable.

The Bulletproof Home Defense package comes with a “newly released” bonus workbook titled “The Ultimate Prepping Coach,” which claims to present an “A-Z roadmap” for prepping your property in only A half-hour each day. At the end of the website, it’s also claimed that you’ll receive “another bonus that’s too powerful to mention” once your order is completed.
Bulletproof Home Defense Pricing & Refund guarantee

The Bulletproof Home Defense downloadable ebook, combined with four special reports and “The Ultimate Prepping Coach” workbook, are currently on the market for $37.00. If you’re not fully delighted by the information, the package includes a 60-day, 100% cash back guarantee-all you should do is call or email the organization, and they’ll begin the refund process, with no hassle.

However, it’s worth noting the website also mentions, “No matter whether it’s the 23rd hour of the 365th day… you will get a reimbursement.” This can send you to feel that you will find there’s one-year refund policy, which directly contradicts the two-month claim. No additional data is provided, making this a thing that remains unclear.
Important thing: Is Bulletproof Home Defense a Scam?

While Bulletproof Home Defense does apparently provide customers in what they promise (e.g. a guide outlining alternative home defense techniques, as well as four special reports), there is certainly suspiciously little information available concerning the information contained therein. In our experience, this can be a thing that raises a big red light.

Furthermore, the Bulletproof Home Defense video uses some graphic fear techniques aimed at leading you into picking a choice based purely on emotion, instead of on solid information. The company’s homepage features only their sales video, and will not provide any additional specifics of the business, which raises yet another sore point.

Next, when evaluating reviews about the Bulletproof Home Defense system, one of many top position in search results is the site, that is clearly produced by the corporation, and does not contain legitimate reviews from actual customers.

It’s equally important to notice that Bulletproof Home Defense offers no proof to back up their declare that these strategies actually work, other than:

A personal story about being associated with civil unrest in Egypt, and
That the founder was a military officer for 22 years.

With this in mind, if you opt to pick the Bulletproof Home Defense system, we would advise that you approach it a bet. In addition, you might closely monitor your plastic card activity after buying. Who sells bulletproof home defense the cheapest.

who sells bulletproof home defense the cheapest

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